presents ‘Rocktronic‘ the biggest Rock and Dance Music Artists performing together in Ibiza. 1-3 JULY 2012

The birth of rocktronic: Ibiza 123 Festival will unite onstage at the sunset strip major pop and rock stars with the most popular figures of the electronic scene. Live Nation and IMS (International Music Summit), established producers in the entertainment industry, are the joint producers of this amazing project. Artists performing will include among others: Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, David Guetta, DJ Tiesto, Pete Tong, Luciano, Fatboy Slim. Gigs will start at noon and run until 00.30. The island of Ibiza at last has its own festival and bursts upon the world festival circuit.

With a capacity for 25,000 fans per night, it will include three concert zones, a beach zone, VIP areas, restaurants, music and merchandising stores, and a special zone for press.


All online Ticket sales will be done directly through the Live Nation website. Follow the links below to purchase your single day or multi day ticket. You can download, print your Ticket after purchase. Alternatively a collection point will be made available two weeks prior to the event in Ibiza.

Purchase Tickets:

Single Day and multi Day tickets are on sale now available at Live Nation


Ticket Info:

Tickets are available from Live Nation. Tickets can also be collected through Servicaixa . A ticket box office will be opened 2 weeks prior to the event for ticket collection.
Day ticket options – Day tickets are available for 65 euros per day. A 3 day ticket will cost 150 euros.

All ticket collection and refund information is available from the Live Nation website.



1.000€ por ticket (mínimo 4 tickets por pax, 1 plaza de parking por cada 4 tickets)
1.000€ per ticket (4 tickets minimum per pax, 1 parking space every 4 tickets)

  • Entrada directa a la zona Luxury / Direct entrance to Luxury area.
  • Vista privilegiada del escenario / Privileged view of stage.
  • Servicio camareros exclusivo a mesas / Personalized waiter service at the table.
  • Buffet fríos y caliente durante todo el dia / All day hot/cold buffet.
  • Cena de 3 platos de 19:30h a 23:30h, servida en mesa,  gran cocina internacional. / 3 course dinner at the table from 19:30h to 23:30h, haute cuisine.
  • 4 botellas licor a elegir entre ( Vodka Grey Goose, Bacardí Superior 8 años, Ginebra Bombay Sapphie, White Labbel 12 años, tequilla Patrón Silver) / 4 liquor bottles of your choice from selection of: Gray Goose Vodka, 8 years Bacardi Superior, Bombay Sapphire Gin, 12 years White Label, Patron Silver tequila.
  • 2 botellas de Champagne francés / 2 bottles of French champagne.
  • Barra libre de vinos, agua, refrescos y cerveza / Wine, beer, mixers and water open bar; all day.
  • Aseos exclusivos / Exclusive toilet area.
  • Zona lounge / Lounge area.
  • Camiseta conmemorativa del Festival / Official festival T-shirt.
  • Acreditación conmemorativa / Commemorative badge.

Para más información y reserva de Tickets Area Luxury contactar con Silvina ( 685 539 514 -  silvina@ibiza123festival.com)
For reservations and more information about the Luxury Area tickets contact Silvina (+34 685 539 514 -  silvina@ibiza123festival.com)

325€ por ticket
325€ per ticket

  • Parking limitado / Limited parking.
  • Entrada directa a la zona Premium / Direct entrance to Premium area.
  • Vista privilegiada del escenario / Privileged view of stage.
  • Self service de snaks frios y caliente durante todo el dia / All day hot/cold snacks self-service buffet.
  • Barra libre de vinos españoles, agua, cerveza y refrescos / Spanish wine, beer, mixers and water open bar; all day.
  • 3 copas / 3 drinks.
  • Aseos exclusivos / Exclusive WC.
  • Acreditación conmemorativa / Commemorative badge.

Precio dinamico: La organización podrá variar el precio en función de la demanda.
Price subject to change: organizers may vary the ticket price according to demand.